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To qualify for the KFU Invitational you must be in the top 50% of registered KFU members in AOY points and have attended at least 4 of the 6 Bass Tour Stop events. You must also be a member of Kayak Bass Fishing by August 1st of the current year.


What that means is if you can’t make an event or have a bad event, the points get scratched at the end of the tour for 2 events! 


Angler of the Year points will be awarded based on your ranking.


The Angler of the Year points will be distributed at each event accordingly:


  • 1st place-100 points

  • 2nd place- 90 points

  • 3rd place- 85 points

  • 4th place- 80 points

  • 5th place- 75 points

  • 6th place- 70 points

  • 7th place- 65 points

  • 8th place- 60 points

  • 9th to last- 55 points


Participating anglers who do not record a catch will be awarded 10 points less than the lowest place angler who recorded a catch.


You will also earn AOY points for your largest catch at each event. (i.e. Largest fish measures 15.25" you will earn 15.25 points)