Become a Sponsor/Partner of Kayak Fishing Utah

Kayak fishing is exploding in popularity in Utah and surrounding states. The sport has long been established on the U.S. coasts and is now enjoying popular growth in the interior of the country.

KFU's mission is to grow the sport and facilitate a way for kayak anglers to share information, meet each other and have fun! Our members are KAYAK FISHING ENTHUSIASTS. They purchase the products and services you sell…and they purchase them frequently.


Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of watercraft, kayak gear, and fishing tackle want to get their products in the hands and on the boats of kayak fishermen. KFU is the place to do that. Kayak anglers are “innovators” and “early adopters.” If a company’s products or a new app or invention are a perfect fit for kayak fishing, then kayak fishing enthusiasts are eager to put them to the test and then spread the word about their field test results, both good and bad.


Sponsors not only find KFU a great proving ground for their gear; it’s also a good place to form relationships and build loyalty. Opportunities for sponsorship exist at both the series and individual event levels. General advertising and promotional sponsorships are available, too. KFU will tailor a package that meets a sponsor’s needs: single-event, quarterly, or annual.


If you are interested in partnering with Kayak Fishing Utah, please contact us below. Thank you.


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