Join Kayak Fishing Utah's Junior League

Free tournaments for ages 3-15!


To join Kayak Fishing Utah's Junior League, there is a $20* membership due each year. With the membership, your Junior will receive some KFU Junior League swag and access to our Member's Only page for special discounts from our sponsors. We will be keeping track of Angler of the Year points. KFU's Junior AOY will win a kayak at the end of the season.



*Membership fees are non-refundable.

KFU does not have an anniversary-year membership; instead, all memberships expire on the last day of the membership year.


Please take the time to read the Competition Rules  before joining. ALL Juniors MUST be accompanied on the water by a responsible parent/guardian during the entire tournament. Failure to do so will result in a DQ from the tournament. Multiple infractions will lead to a ban from the club and future tournaments. 

KFU Junior League will follow the same rules and restrictions as Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF). Minus the following:

- Fishes mouth may be open up to half inch with no deduction. Over a half inch will result in a one inch deduction

- If hand is touching the tail fin, this will result in a one inch deduction instead of a DQ.

- If identifier is laying on top of the fish, this will result in a one inch deduction instead of a DQ.


KFU Junior League tournaments will fall on the same times and dates as the KFU Bass Series Tournaments.

Each Junior must have access to a wireless device that can take pictures and upload all submissions to TouneyX. 


Benefits of being a KFU Junior League Member:


  • Earn Angler of the Year points.

  • Discounts with KFU sponsored companies.

  • KFU JL Swag when you sign up

  • Making life-long friendships,

  • Finding seasoned mentors


Your Junior must be a member of KFU's Junior League in order to participate in the Junior League tournaments.