Join Kayak Fishing Utah

To join Kayak Fishing Utah, there is a $50* membership due each year. With the membership, you will receive 2 KFU stickers, special members-only discounts at partner sites and $10 off KFU Bass Tour Tournaments. You will also earn angler of the year points at each event attended and the chance to qualify for the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship.



*Membership fees are non-refundable.



Please take the time to read the Competition Rules and Tax Information before joining.



KFU does not have an anniversary-year membership; instead, all memberships expire on the last day of the membership year.



Benefits of being a KFU Member:


  • Earn Angler of the Year points.

  • Discounts on KFU Tournament Entry Fees.

  • Package of stickers when you sign up.

  • Discounts with KFU supporting companies.

  • The opportunity to qualify for the KBF National Championship. (Membership in KBF required)

  • Making life-long friendships.



You DO NOT have to be a member of Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) to join and compete in KFU events. However, we do encourage it as the top KFU angler at the end of the year will qualify for a spot in the KBF National Championship.



You don’t have to be a KFU Member to fish the KFU Bass Series. If you choose to not be a member but would like to fish select events you can pay an additional $10 per event at signup to fish the event. You will not be eligible for AOY points but you can still win prize money.